What had us think that we are all that different?

Today while taking my daughter to school, we parked our car along the roadside to drop her off; suddenly another car just drove in front of our car recklessly and stopped to drop his daughter off.  The way his car was parked disrupted the entire flow of the traffic and I noticed my instant thought […]

Financial Independence Sooner, Rather Than Later

By Ruth Bayang I was asked to write this blog to share why I created my nonprofit, Empower Women Organization. Its mission is to enlighten, inspire, and empower teenage girls and young adult women to become financially free and design a life of passion, purpose and integrity. The norm that our parents and grandparents knew […]

Own it and You will Embrace it!

I remember a few years ago when one of my mentors told me I am a leader, I laughed and brushed it away telling her, no I am not. No matter how many times I was told by my friends or mentors that I am a good leader, that I am able to motivate and […]