Dr. Rama Mani (India/France)

Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy, Co-Founder, Rising Women Rising World Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford, Laureate, Peter Becker Peace Prize 2013


Dr. Rama Mani is an internationally renowned peacebuilder and performing artist, with 25 years of experience in strategic leadership, governance and security. Rama was awarded the Peter Becker Peace Prize in Germany in 2013, for the combined impact of her peace scholarship and activism.

Rama founded ‘Theatre of Transformation Academy’ with a Founding Circle of visionary leaders, academics, activists and artists from all continents to catalyse creative solutions to global crises, and enact transformation.

With Prof. Jean Houston and Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Rama is the Co-Founder of ‘Rising Women, Rising World’. She is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies. She is a Councilor of the World Future Council. She is on the Jury of the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ or the Right Livelihood Award, and on the Faculty of the Geneva Academy for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Rama was formerly Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies in Sri Lanka, Director of the Global Peace and Security Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and Senior External Relations Officer of the Commission on Global Governance. She was the Africa Strategy Manager for Oxfam GB based in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Rama has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cambridge, UK, and an M.A. in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University, USA.

www.rama-mani.com www.Youtube.com/RamaManiNews

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8 March 2017, TIME: 10AM (Toronto), 3pm (UK), 4pm (Paris)

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