RAIN LIM is a social venture activist and serial entrepreneur, who loves business-start ups, enjoys public speaking, training, coaching, and transformational work, adding value to the lives of those she meets; she is playful, creative and enjoys her life, being at peace and joy most of the time and speaking her truth.

She is the founder of WEWorld Network, a global community of joyful, abundance-minded women entrepreneurs with the vision to create world peace through business while celebrating feminine heart and soul.

She is the also founder of Rain Heart Wisdom and the co-founder of Origin of Wisdom; both training companies that support individuals to discover who they truly are and to live a fully-self expressed life.

Rain has a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship where her research was published in several notable international academic journals focusing on growth companies by founding CEOs. She has owned and managed several companies in Malaysia prior to moving to Canada; her success has been featured on Bloomberg Television, and several other mainstream news and media outlets. Rain currently mentors and coaches several women-owned organizations and is an alumni mentor for the Cheri Blair Foundation. She is on the Board of Advisory for California Women’s Conference.

She is an invited member of the Care First World Network. Rain also mentors young entrepreneurs at the Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund and supports SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) Canada. She is an internationally sought-after speaker. She has spoken on the same stage/event as Arianna Huffington, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, HRH Queen of Ghana, Dr. Shirin Ebadi – Nobel Peace Prize winner, Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury (Former UN Under- Secretary-General and High-Representative to the UN), Hazel Henderson and many more.

Rain founded the L.I.F.E. Children Foundation; an organization aims to provide underprivileged children around the globe with better educational opportunities, and to support their growth as individuals and members of society. Rain was awarded the “International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award” by Women’s Information Network, USA, and the “Outstanding Contribution to Children Award” by Voice of Nations.

She is a contributing author of an international best-selling book “Conversations That Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs to Get What You Want” together with Sharon Lechter, Dame DC Cordova, and many more. She is the author of two forthcoming books on self-love and keys to powerful living and is working on a book on women, the economy, and world peace. Other than her meaningful work, she takes great pride in being a mother to three beautiful children. Besides running her company, she enjoys singing, painting, photography, traveling, reading, and watching movies.


Director of the Toronto, Canada Circle

Patricia Dominguez has been part of WEWorld as an active member since 2016. She is now our Director of Toronto WEWorld Circle. She started the monthly circle meetings on January 2021 where special guests share their expertise and knowledge with the whole WEWorld community.

Patricia’s personal growth and driven character come from participating in the SEEDS Leadership in 2018 and the Facilitators Development Program in 2019, among other programs by Origin of Wisdom. Patricia uses her gifts of creativity and kindness to help and encourage others to accomplish their dreams by supporting individuals and families emotionally and financially through her philanthropist mission.

Patricia is not only the founder of ScissorsCut and HOLA (Hispanic Open Learning Academy) she’s also a money and wealth coach, a giver, and a busy mother of quadruplets. She loves hugging trees, hiking, writing, connecting, and giving her time and love in causes that align with her purpose.


Director of the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Circle

Full of zest, yet gentle and warm-hearted, Elaine is a life coach ever ready to work with people (her clients) to break through their limiting beliefs to realize their true/full potential and to create the dream life they always wanted.

As a grief educator, she provides compassionate support to individuals or families who are journeying through grief. She has also received training as a lay counselor for her home church, taught adult Bible classes, and served as a life group leader for 15 years.

While she’s a trustworthy friend and encourager to many, she is also a devoted wife and loving mom of 3 amazing children.

Her unceasing desire and ultimate dream are to build and grow a safe, trusted, and heart-based community where all who belong live authentic, purposeful, peaceful, joyful, and integral life.