Larry Benet
The Chief Connector and co-founder of SANG

TOPIC: Larry has attracted the likes of Tony Robbins, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Paula Abdul, Darren Hardy Publisher of Success Magazine, Jack Canfield and many other A-listers as part of the networking group he founded. Through Larry’s approach, discover how you can create “Connection Currency” to achieve any of the following results:

  • Have a blockbuster best-selling book.
  • Double your sales.
  • Raise more money for your favorite cause or charity.
  • How to leverage Other People’s Influence (OPI) and Other People’s Connections (OPC) to get massive results in your business
  • Land more partnerships which can bring you your perfect clients in droves.
  • Become one of the most influential people in your industry.